USA2Me | Package and Mail Forwarding Shipping Rates.
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Use this calculator to estimate shipping prices based on different plans, destination, size and weight of packages.
Important: For plans with free shipments, this calculator assumes that the free shipment is applied to the price.
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Includes only small flat documents (e.g. letters, postcards, etc.)
These are only estimates of shipment to major cities within the country selected. A surcharge may apply to destinations that are designated as "outside normal delivery area" by the respective couriers.

Custom duties, taxes or fees are not included and are the responsibility of recipient. Final rate will be calcuated based on the actual shipment specifics.

Transit time is based on business days and does not include time for custom clearance or other events. Not all services are trackable or guaranteed.

While shipments can exceed 150 lbs, rates are valid as long as no individual box in the shipment exceeds 150 lbs in actual of dimensional weight and do not exceed the maximum alllowed by each carrier. All rates are based on shipment weight which is the greater of actual weight and dim (volumetric) weight.