Shopping in the USA

Package Forwarding

USA2Me's package and parcel forwarding makes shopping in the USA very easy for you! No matter where you live you can use our postal mail and package forwarding service to receive your parcels
Use your USA2Me address as your USA mailing address when shopping online, by catalog or by phone. Then when your packages arrive, we will register them to your mailbox. Simply log in in to your Mail Manager and request that we ship your items to you almost anywhere in the world.
You can consolidate your items into a single shipment and even request repacking for more shipping savings.
How to Shop in the USA with USA2Me

How It Works
Purchase your items with your USA2Me address.
Your items arrive to your USA2Me mailbox.
Request your shipment with your USA2Me Mail Manager.
Receive your items at your address. Almost anywhere.
Smart Tips for Shopping

Click on each tab to learn tips that make shopping in the USA easier.

Add your USA2Me address to your credit card. With most online shops doing card address verification, it is easier to buy if your USA2Me address is linked to your credit card, many card issuers allow secondary or temporary addresses to be added to your card. Ask your bank.
USA2Me has great shipping rates, however you can save a lot on shipping when you consolidate your items into a single shipment. Whenever possible, wait until all your items are received and then request your shipment. It will be worth the wait and your wallet will be happy.
When you request shipment repacking you are requesting that we open your items and repack them more efficiently into smaller and lighter shipments. On most plans, we offer this service on a no-risk basis. No savings means no cost to you as repacking fees come from sharing on your savings.
The dimensions of your shipment may affect its cost. Shipping weight is the larger of actual or dimensional weight. This is specially true for relatively light and larger items.

If you are having trouble completing a purchase, your vendor won't accept your credit card, won't ship to your USA2Me address, or simply need help purchasing, our Personal Shopper Service is ready to help.

Looking for a place to buy online?. Checkout our shopping and magazine pages. As a convenience to you we offer a USA shopping page powered by Amazon where you can find almost any items and USA magazines for forwarding.