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How to calculate Shipping Weight.
The shipping weight of your packages and shipments not only depends on their actual weight. The dimensions are important too.

Shipping weight is always the larger of actual weight (in pounds) and Dimensional or DIM Weight (in pounds). This is done by transport, shipping, and courier companies to account for light packages that take too much room in relation to their actual weight. For example, 10 lbs of popcorn will take a lot more space on a courier's plane than 10 lbs of lead.

In order to determine the DIM Weight of your package we use the formula below:

Dim Weight = Length (in inches) X Width (in inches) X Height (in inches) / 139

Example: An international package that measures 32”X20”x20” and weights 50 pounds.

DIM Weight = 32” X 20” X 20” = 12,800 / 139 = 93 lb (always round up to nearest pound)

Since the DIM Weight (93 lb) is greater than the actual weight (50 lb), the DIM weight will be used to calculate shipping costs.
Shipping and Dimensional Weight Calculator.
Enter your package's dimensions (in inches) and actual weight.

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Savings Tip!

    Reduce the Shipping and Dimensional Weight of your items by requesting consolidation and repacking of your items. The larger the difference between dimensional and actual weight, the larger the potential for getting huge savings by repacking.

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