USA Virtual Office

Other Services

Use USA2Me services to have a USA Virtual Office!

Combine several of USA2Me's services with some third party solutions and do business in the USA with your own USA Virtual Office. Below are some of the services and features that will help you sell and do business as a USA company or individual.

USA Business Address

Use your USA2Me USA address for much more than mail or package forwarding. Use it as a real physical street address (i.e. not just a Post Office Box). Use this address not only as your mailing and shipping address, but also use it in your business cards, stationery, printed materials, etc.

USA Documents and Fax

All USA2Me customers can request scans of their mail and receive faxes to our shared fax for a small per use fee. Additionally combining your USA2Me address with third party electronic fax solutions such as will allow you to send or receive your faxes with your private fax number.

USA Remailing

USA2Me's remailing services can assist you in using local couriers and postal services to distribute your sales or send letters or items to your USA costumers. Your items will have a USA postmark! Simply send us your letters or items for remail and we will put them in the US Postal System.

USA Order Fulfillment

You can use USA2Me's USA order fulfillment services to distribute your product in the USA. USA2Me will receive your inventory, store it, and ship your individual orders to your USA or international customers.

USA Phone Number

A USA phone number is the ideal complement to your USA address. There are many providers of USA VoIP and Internet phone providers. Many of our customers use and other providers to add a local phone to their address.

USA Customized Services

Do you have specific needs to do business in the USA? Do you need an attorney or accountant referral? Do you need a service to answer your calls? USA2Me can assist you in locating or providing such services. Please contact us for customized services.