| New Mail Forwarding Customer Requirements.

New Customer Requirements

Form 1583

Important: While this is not required to open an account, or begin receiving items in your USA2Me address. All customer’s must complete the verification process to be able to request shipment, scan or discard orders.

Due to USA postal regulations all new customers will not be able to order any shipments or discards, or use the account for other purposes until the steps below are completed. This is a one time requirement by the USA government and we can’t waive it.

Now USA2Me allows you to complete the Form 1583 process completely online! No need to use a notary. Try our video verification!

Click Here for detailed step by step instructions on how to fulfill the requirement.

1 Send us a Signed Form 1583

For complete instructions on how to complete the form click here.. Log in and submit your form 1583 online. through our new USA2Me online verification service!

2 Send Copies of 2 ID's

Make legible scans or photos of two identification documents and both sides of the credit card that you used when registering. See the instructions for examples of acceptable identification documents. Upload the documents by logging to your account and going to the verification service.

3 Verify your Identity

The USPS requires that we verify your identity. Log in to complete the verification online or send the original notarized form via postal mail or courier to USA2Me.