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Order Fulfillment Services

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USA Order Fulfillment Services.
Distribute your products in the USA! Let USA2Me's order fulfillment and logistic division handle your warehouse, shipping and retail ! Use our parcel fowarding to reach your USA customers!
Let USA2Me store, pack, and ship your orders!
Ideal for small businesses. If you are an ebay seller, foreign manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer that wants to reach individual consumers in the USA, then become a USA2Me retail order fulfillment services partner. With this service we store your USA inventory, handle the packing, and package forwarding at a very reasonable price to you or your customers. Your product will be shipped directly from the USA (with a USA return address) to your customers.

Order Fulfillment service is a perfect complement to USA2Me’s mail and parcel forwarding services.

This is the ideal way for companies new to the USA to reach the USA market! Contact us and get Started Now!

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To get started with our fulfillment services please contact us.

How USAMe Order Fulfillment Services Work.
Watch the video below for a 60 second introduction to our order fufillment services. It's an easy, fun, and practical way to learn how our fulfillment services work.

How Order Fulfillment Works
Send Inventory of your Product to our USA2Me Warehouse in houston
Sell and market your product via your website, ebay, amazon, etc.
Log-in to your USA2Me Inventory Manager to request a shipment.
USA2Me will process and ship the order to your customer anywhere in the USA or the world.
USA Order Fulfillment Rates
The list rates below apply for standard order fulfillment for domestic (lower 48 states) destinations. However please note that each order fulfillment customer's needs are different and all jobs distinct. Therefore we reserve the right to price on a case by case basis.
If your plan to ship more than 100 shipments per month or you have specific needs, please contact us for customized pricing.
Setup Fee:
$15 One Time
Monthly Fee:
$25 per Month
Short Term Storage:
First 30 days free then $0.25 per lb/month.
Long Term Storage:
$50 per pallet/month. $25 in/out fees. (must be transgferred to Short Term Storage to be used for fulfillment purposes)
Shipping and Handling Fees:
Use tool below to calculate shipping rates.
Use this calculator to estimate fulfillment rates prices based on content, destination, size and weight of packages.
Weight (lbs)
Dimensions in Inches
Includes only small flat documents (e.g. letters, postcards, etc.)
Includes standard domestic USPS or ground courier postage. Assumes items are packed to ship and does not include special material.
* Dimensional Weight appplies.