| Form 1583 Instructions

Form 1583 Instructions

Step by Step

 1  Make copies of two ID's and of your credit card on record.

Acceptable ID Documents:
You will need to send two (2) identifications. One to verify your identity and the other your address. You may NOT use the same document for both purposes
Forms of Acceptable Photo ID:

Driver’s license or Goverment identification card.

Armed Forces, government, university or recognized corporate identification card.

Passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization.

US Access Card, Nexus Card, or Matricula Consular.

Forms of Acceptable Address ID:

Driver’s license or Goverment identification card.

Current home lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust.

Voter or vehicle registration card.

Home or vehicle insurance policy.

Credit Card Copy: You may block out the middle digits for security purposes. First 4 and last 4 digits must be visible.

 2  Complete Form 1583 as required with the information from your ID's

You will need Acrobat Reader to open the form.  Get ACrobat Reader
Click Here to Download Blank Form 1583
Click Here to Complete Form 1583 Online

 3  Print and Sign Form 1583. Notarize or Verify your identity as required.

A. If you plan to receive items via US Postal Service to your USA2Me address, then you must verify your identity. You can either provide a verification video through our secure video service or notarize your document and send us the original.
To verify your identity via verification video please go to the Verification page in your USA2Me account and provide a video recording.
Or if you prefer, send us your original form 1583 with notary stamp.
You can use an online notary such as
Or use your local USA consulate or embassy.
If none of the above work for you, contact us us to see if there are any alternatives or suggestions we can provide.
B. If you don't plan to receive items via US Postal Service to your USA2Me address, then you still need to provide form 1583 and ID's but notarization is not required.. Please note that we will not be able to forward any items that arrive via USPS if we do not have verified your identiy. You will stilll be able to forward items that arrive via private couriers (i.e. Fedex, DHL, UPS, etc.)

 4  Upload or send your documents to USA2me.

Either upload your forms through your secure account or if sending originals please send to:
Or, you can fax or email the forms to:
Email: [email protected] (make sure your email does not exceed 1 MB in size)
Fax: (281)754-4941(illegible or dark faxes will not be accepted)