| Repacking and Consolidation of Package Forwarding

Consolidation and Repacking


Saving you money!

USA2Me's repacking as consolidation services you can achieve substantial savings when shipping and forwarding your items. Please read the information on this page to understand what is consolidation, what is repacking, what is the difference between both, and how will they help you save money.

What is Consolidation?

Simple consolidation is when we include many items together in a single shipment but we do not open each individual item or box . This is done with the purpose of avoiding the costs of shipping the items in separate shipments and saving in the fixed cost portion of each shipment. Simply put, we ship the items together under one waybill and in as few boxes as possible.

Sometimes we put these items into a single box but that is not always necessary (e.g like when you are shipping two large boxes in the same shipment). Simple consolidation is free of charge but it almost never leads to weight or dimension reductions since the shipping weight is almost always the sum of all the individual weights.

How does Consolidation save money?

Consolidation saves you money by shipping more items in fewer shipments. For example, Liza has 3 large boxes and by requesting that we ship them together her overall shipping cost would be much lower than by requesting individual shipments.

What is Repacking?

Repacking is when you ask us to open the individual items in the shipment and attempt to repack the contents of the shipment into a more efficient, smaller or lighter shipment that would have otherwise been achieved through simple consolidation.

We do not charge anything for this service but if savings are achieved then we share those savings with you. No savings = no cost to you. Please note that although it is very rare, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of items during the repacking or subsequent shipment for any repacked items.

How does Repacking save money?

Repacking saves you money by attempting to reduce the dimensions and thus the dimensional and actual weights of your shipment. For example, Liza received a large box from a retailer that contains small items and a lot of unnecessary packing materials and air. By repacking into a smaller box, Liza's shipment has a much smaller dimensional weight which result in significant savings.