Special Notice

Impact of Covid-19

A message regarding COVID-19 as it relates to USA2Me.com and its customers
As the world continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, we feel it is important to share with you some of the ways the pandemic is affecting our operations. Please note that the situation is fluid and changes are happening quickly, we will be monitoring the situation and update as information changes. While our facilitities remain open and our regular operations continue so far there are some impacts which we enumerate below:
Suspension of Shipping Guarantees
Due to governments around the world issuing work and travel restrictions, most couriers have suspended their money back, transit time, and service guarantees. Therefore USA2Me will not process any claims for service and/or transit guarantees until further notice.
Return-to-Sender Rule for incoming items
Most couriers are not accepting 'Return to Sender' for shipments. Therefore we will not ne able to return to couriers any packages that were deemed undeliverable when arriving to USA2Me.com.
Return Shipment Fees for outgoing shipments
Given that many businesses are currently closed, the rate of shipments that can't be delivered has increased. This is a reminder that customers are responsible for paying or reimbursing USA2Me for the return charges of any shipments that were not delivered due to problems at customs, incorect addresses, business closed, etc. Return fees are normally much higher that the shipment fees so we ask you to please take as much care as possible to avoid undeliverable.
Destination Impact
Please be aware that many destinations have been affected, this varies by destination, courier, and type of service. Below are the links to the courier's service impact web pages for your convenience: