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What US Expats Should Know About Re-Mailing Service?

If you’re an American expat moving abroad for work or an extended trip, you’re probably worried about what to do with your mail that you would keep receiving in your US address. In fact, some of your personal mail—like mortgage loan bills, insurance documents, or critical business letters—can be really important and you wouldn’t want to risk ignoring them. 

But how do you get your US mail to wherever you are? You can, of course, ask a close friend or a relative to collect the mail for you, sort out the really important ones and mail them back to you. Better be forewarned: if you considering this option, it’s a short-term solution, let alone the unnecessary trouble and the sky-high costs of international mail. Can you work your way around this problem? Of course, you can! Here’s how a re-mailing service can make things easier for you.

Take Control of Your US Mail from Anywhere

Re-mailing services are provided by mail forwarding companies that receive your mail and packages on your behalf and then, ship them to your location. Their shipment charges are usually much lower than any big freight forwarding company like FedEx, DHL, Aramex, or UPS. But the best part is, with online re-mailing services you can control every aspect of your mail as if you were still living in the US.

On registering with a mail forwarding company, you get a separate physical US address in your name where all your packages and mails get collected. Right from this point you can track your mail all the way to your doorstep conveniently.

Stop Wasting Money on Junk Mail

With usual shipment, you don’t really have a way of knowing which contents of your mail are important and which are not. As a result, you end up wasting a good deal of money on useless items like newsletters or promotional flyers and documents. Re-mailing services allow you to scan your mail online so can discard the unwanted stuff.   

Keep Your Location Anonymous, If You So Wish!

Until you’re moving abroad permanently, it doesn’t makes sense to change your mailing address. And, even if you are making a permanent shift, you may still want to receive letters and documents from your US contacts. Having a separate US address helps in such cases, not only in terms of cost savings but also if you don’t wish to divulge your exact location.  

Choose Your Re-mailing Service Provider Carefully

If you want to get the best benefits out of re-mailing services, you need to choose your mail forwarding company with care. Before hiring their services, browse their website, read online reviews, and check their certifications and credentials. It’s also important to take note of their service features and most importantly, fees because these factors usually vary from company to company.

When you plan to move abroad, you have a lot to consider and to keep on top of your mind. Thanks to re-mailing services, you can have, at least, one less thing to worry about!


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