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Mail Forwarding Service USA to India

US Expatriates living in India often find it hard to struggle to adapt to the heat, culture, or even something as simple as not finding good cheese. If you’re an US expat in India, you’ve probably survived the initial culture shock and perhaps, you’re on your way to explore how to adapt to the new environment. But, have you figured out how to manage your US mails when you’re away from home? If not, our US mail forwarding service is just what you need.

What is Mail Forwarding, Anyway?   

Mail forwarding is the most practical alternative to asking (requesting, coaxing, and even begging) your friends and relatives to collect and send back to you important personal and business mail—like mortgage loan bills, insurance documents, or business letters—you certainly wouldn’t want to overlook. In other words, mail forwarding services collect your U.S. mails on your behalf and ship them to the country you’re living.

The process is simple. Once you register with a mail forwarding company like USA2Me, you are assigned a US street address (and, not a P.O. Box) in your name where all your packages and mails are received. Next, you’d want to redirect your mail from your home address in the US to your new mail forwarding address. To do this, you need to request a change of address at your US post office. That’s it!

Why Choose Mail Forwarding to Get Your US Mails in India?

Frankly, when it comes to living abroad as an expat, mail forwarding makes sense for a lot of reasons—from receiving your US mail to the ease of shopping from your favorite US retailers. But, if you’re particularly troubled with your personal mail getting lost or ignored, mail forwarding services can take that headache out of the equation. Here are some ways a mail forwarding service like ours will make mail management easier for you.

Receive your mail and packages from anywhere. Mail forwarding makes it possible for you to receive your personal mail to the country of your stay but here’s the best part: you can also receive your package to any another destination—for instance, if you’re traveling—just as easily.

Get your mail as frequently as you want. Besides the choice to receive your mail on monthly or weekly basis, you may even order a shipment as an when you need.

Gain full control of your mail. Mail forwarding services like USA2Me lets you manage every aspect of your mail virtually. You can review the content of your mail and decide the items you want shipped and the ones you want to discard; you can hold off your shipment, redirect it to a different address, and track it right till your doorstep. Basically, your mail management with a good forwarding service is hassle-free, stress-free, and as precise as when you do it manually. 

Save more on shipment. Get the same service as your major shipping services like FedEx, DHL, and UPS, but USA2Me mail forwarding companies offer reasonable rates for shipping international mail and packages. Not only that, you can also request your mail forwarder to discard junk items and repack or consolidate multiple packages to help you save more dollars on shipment.

Leading US mail forwarding service, USA2Me, takes the pain out of personal mail management for US expats. So you can strike that worry off your list!


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