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5 Reasons You Need a US Mailing Address

Have you ever been excited to buy that latest gadget, toys, clothes from US web stores like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, only to find that they don’t ship to your address abroad? This a common experience for people living outside the US. You may easily find newly-launched products on the shelves of US online stores, often at a much lower price than in your country, if available there at all. Does that mean you can’t ever shop from your favorite US retailers? Definitely not! All you need is a valid US mailing address. You can get your very own US mailing address by signing up with USA2ME mail forwarding services. Learn more.

There are many benefits to setting up a US address for your online purchases. Here are 5 benefits.   

#1 Find better discounts/deals  

US stores almost always offer a wider selection of items, and frequently at discounted rates. The same product in your country may cost your more, even with the exchange rate difference. Having a US address helps you shop from all those US stores that don’t cater to overseas buyers.               

#2 Cut shipping costs

Shipping with a US address helps reduce the shipping costs. If you consider the shipping costs, with and without a US address, the difference can often be astounding!

Additionally, mail forwarding services consolidate and repackage your packages, instead of shipping your items separately.

#3 Pay lower custom fees

Transacting via your own US address means you’re getting your own goods across the border. A mail forwarding service not only provides you with a US address, receives your products on your behalf and delivers them to your doorstep, but also saves you from paying sky-high custom brokerage fees.

#4 More cost-effective than retail shippers

While some retail stores ship to international destinations, the price they charge for such services can break the bank. Shopping via your US address may seem more expensive in comparison to local shipping rates, but it still beats the price you pay for buying directly from a US retailer.

#5 Get US magazines and books

Many US magazines and bookstores restrict subscription to only local US customers. Using a local physical address, you can buy all the latest book releases and subscribe to your favorite US magazines without so much as dropping a sweat!

Shopping at US online stores using a local address will save you money, while you receive faster delivery of your packages by choosing any reputed shipping companies such as UPS,DHL Express Worldwide, or FedEX. A mail forwarding service may also offer you the choice to discard unwanted items and junk mails, further reducing the shipping costs.

Remember, you can avail the best benefits of owning a US address only when you choose the right mail forwarding company. When it comes to finding a mail forwarding service best suited to your needs, it pays to conduct a thorough research online. Read testimonials and reviews of real people and talk to company representatives to get a clearer picture before you sign up for their services.

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