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Package Forwarding: Some Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to shopping online at US stores, not all stores will ship packages purchased to international customers. Normally, most US retailers tend to restrict international shipments, making it difficult to purchase US products and get it shipped overseas.

If you’ve been eyeing that brand new gadget that’s selling like hot cake in the US, you can wait for the product to be launched in your country, or you can setup an account with “THE PACKAGE FORWARDING SERVICE FROM USA2ME”.

However, if you’ve never heard of a package forwarding service before, we’ll explain what it means.

What is a Package Forwarding Service?

A US Package forwarding service is a shipping service meant for non-resident US buyers who wish to buy from US retailers and get their purchased items shipped to their own country or any other destination outside the US. Read more here.

Package forwarding companies typically provide buyers with a US shipping address where they can receive their purchased goods. The company, thereafter, delivers the packaged goods to anywhere the buyers want.

To avoid the hassles of shopping with package forwarding service, here are a few dos and don’ts that you must remember.


Choose package forwarders carefully

First and foremost, choose a package forwarding service with care. Research online, read reviews, testimonials, or even talk to customer service representatives, if possible, before hiring the services of any package forwarder. 

Check the credentials and certifications of the package forwarder

It’s especially important to check if the company is certified with any authorized bodies. A BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is generally an indication that you’re dealing with a reputed and certified company. 

Read and understand terms of service and fees

Before making any payment, it makes sense to know the ins and outs of the deal. Make it a point to read the terms of service so you are aware what you’re signing up for. Also, take note of the membership fees, registration fees, and all other fees and payments involved in the process.

Ideally, a good company will always remain transparent with service fees and will have everything—right from payment structure to what is being covered and not covered through service fees—clearly spelled out on their website.


Stay away from “shady” companies

It’s best to stay away from companies that don’t have clear information on their websites or that provide information that seems too confusing. 

Don’t ship what can’t be shipped             

While package forwarding companies can ship most items to your doorsteps, it’s advisable to check with local authorities what can or cannot be shipped. If you don’t take the precaution of knowing these details, you might end up spending a lot of money, especially if your package is labelled ‘illegal’ by the custom authorities of your country. Commonly prohibited items include aerosols, weapons, oils and flammable or toxic items, perishable products like food, and counterfeit items.

Package forwarding services can be a boon for you if you know how to use them. The basic trick, however, lies in choosing a good service provider. Once, you’ve managed to find the right package forwarder, you can enjoy shopping from US retailers with only a few clicks of your mouse.

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